Welcome to GadaBag.

Now launching the GadaBag.100 dog walking kit.

Transform your doggy-walk into a no-fuss, no-mess and even hands-free pleasure!

Introducing our GadaBag dog walking kit: An elegant, all-in-one solution that brings the Zen back to dog-walking. With features for days, the kit offers a quick and easy (effective and sanitary) solution to deal with doggy poop; provides a custom designed leash fit for any occasion (walking, running, hiking, training) or dog size — and even allows you to go hands-free whilst maintaining absolute control. Finally, it includes our trendy canvas sling-bag that wraps it all up  to make your dog walk effortless and fun!

Launching in June 2017. Let’s show you what we’ve got…


Beautifully designed, ultra-functional waste scoop.

Don’t you just hate dealing with doggy waste? All that fidgeting, scraping, clawing, raking and shoveling? There are hundreds of products on the market, but nothing that offers a quick and clean solution, whether you use it at home, or when taking your dog out on a walk.

Launching our EzeScoop – Dealing with doggy waste has never been easier. With the EzeScoop, it’s as easy as Lock — Load — Scoop — Discard. It’s quick, its clean and best of all, its sanitary.

PS: With the Ezescoop you never have to touch the Untouchable again. Ever! Your cat dragged a rodent into the house? EzeScoop! Your kids made an absolute mess at their birthday parties? EzeScoop…

GadaBag Sling-Bag

Trendy, elegant and stylish. No more juggling, no more struggling. 

Dog walking should be fun. So why settle for the hassles of juggling phone, keys, toys, bottle and treats? Never enough hands, not enough pockets…

Our trendy GadaBag canvas sling-bag will transform your doggy-walk (run, hike) into a no-fuss, no-mess and even hands-free pleasure. And with features for days, it is guaranteed to remove the hassles.

Despite its size, this trendy canvas sling-bag sure packs a punch. Just hook it, or stow it. Everything you need to make your walk enjoyable.


PS: And when you can’t find a waste bin, a dedicated side pouch to deal with that pesky waste-bag – Out of sight, out of mind…


A single leash for all activities and dog-sizes.

Don’t you just hate the struggle of the leash? There are so many products on the market, each one catering for a different activity or dog size. But there isn’t a single leash on the market that serves all purposes.

So we designed the GadaLeash with these key features:

1./ A single leash for all types of activities, no matter the dog size – with a fixed variable length, you decide whether you want to keep your dog close (94 cm), or give her a bit more freedom (130 cm).

2./ Padded handles for comfort and a strategically placed hand-brake to give you maximum control, no matter the situation.

3./ Combined with the GadaBag sling bag, the ability to go hands-free with a single click.

About Us

GadaBag. Derived from gadabout /ˈgæd əˌbaʊt/: a person who travels often or to many different places, especially for pleasure.

We’re not engineers, graphics designers or industrial experts. We’re just an innovate bunch of entrepreneurs, always questioning and challenging and looking for ways to improve everyday challenges. We team up with industry professionals who help us turn our concepts into prototypes, and ultimately, professional, marketable products.

We are based in Brisbane, Australia.

GadaBag. is a new brand designed and owned by CreativeCoatz Pty Ltd.